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Airpop: Expanded Polystyrene Gets A New Name

European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene have undertaken a campaign to rename EPS. The joint-industry initiative highlights the value of a lightweight and extremely useful material...

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Miltek in Greenland: Helping Residents to Minimize Their Waste

GREENLAND: Residents in Greenland have undertaken a unique new waste management process aimed at reducing the volume of their waste, in coordination with the local authority.

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Miltek Seminar Meeting With Danish Ambassador in Spain

SPAIN: Lone Dencker Wisborg, Ambassador of Denmark in Spain, and Mil-tek Global Spain represented by Jacob Bang Nielsen were received by the President of Navarra as part of a series of working seminars.

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Mil-tek Sponsors Orangutan in Borneo

DENMARK: Mil-tek recently joined a prestigious group of organisations and individuals in sponsoring an orang-utan in Borneo, as part of the Save the Orangutan initiative.

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